a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Day two! So far, so good…

Check out the “before” video post…


Today I got up early and got ‘er done.  😉  Didn’t want to wait til the heat of the day or to hear my husband ask “when…?” 🙂




and after…



The before and after shots aren’t much different but they were only taken about 20 minutes a part and the weather was cooperating.  It was overcast and cool.  Great run.  Little traffic and I took the most downhill route I could find.  When the longer runs come I won’t be so lucky. 

A few extra thoughts today…

Yesterday I weighed myself before the run, 113.5 lbs, not heavy by any stretch of the imagination but my “happy weight” is about 108 to 109.  I’m hoping these next 400+ miles will shed those 5-6 pounds and I’ll be at prime running weight for the October stair race I’m doing.  Always thinking ahead!

I’m really looking forward to this challenge.  Today Diana Nyad is completing her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida.  If she can do that, I can do this.  All it takes is one crazy goal, one somewhat thought out plan, and one very determined individual.  So, I think I got all 3.

Until tomorrow… Running with the XC team.  HOT and hilly! 



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