a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

LOL!  Who thought up this challenge?  

To be honest, I really didn’t think I would be taking on this running challenge in the manner in which I am.  I’ve been thinking about this challenge since February!  A friend of mine was doing some Wounded Warrior challenge back in February and it sparked an idea.  Then in March I did a running challenge set up on another Facebook page, I ❤ to run, where we had to run at least 1 mile every day and post our runs for accountability.  And, I was HOOKED!  I’m all about challenges.  I LOVE a challenge, something that is out of the ordinary, pushes me, but yet allows me to not have to jump off a cliff, out of an airplane or eat something still living and wiggly.  I do have my limits.  😉  So, the more I thought about MY challenge, the more I was excited to do it.

I slowly started telling people about it.  You know, like mentioning it to a group of running friends, and I got all sorts of responses.  “Are you crazy?” “That’s not possible.”  “Why would you do that?”  And, the more push back I got, the more I knew I was gonna do it.  And, then I came up with a month.  I couldn’t do April, May or June cuz it was too soon AND I was running half marathons in each.  So, you know, I was gonna be busy.  And, then July I had two 5Ks planned and then August has 31 days… so, September.  Nothing planned, only 30 days, sounds like the perfect time to me!  So, mentally I set the goal, verbally I started sharing the goal and physically I started preparing.  I cut back on my running from every day to about 4-5 days a week, let my legs rest and well, here we are.

I have dreamed about this challenge, I’ve had nightmares, I’ve strategized, I’ve planned, I’ve done everything I thought to make this challenge go as smooth as possible.  I came up with ways other people could participate in the challenge without being on the lunatic end of it.  And, then… it actually started.  And, it is so not going as planned.  

I’m one of those rule followers.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t follow EVERY rule ALL the time.  Sometimes I have a heavy foot when I drive.  I’ve been known to cross the street where there’s no cross walk in a residential area and I don’t always shower before entering the pool.  But!!  For the most part, I do follow the rules.  Especially when it comes to workout challenges, or training programs.  I’ve been taught to “follow the plan, trust the plan”.   Its a bit disconcerting when others don’t follow the plan but I’m getting better at letting others change up the “plan” to meet their needs or abilities, but for me… I follow the plan.  If it says “Hoop for 15 minutes”, I hoop for 15 minutes.  If its says “rest” I rest.  I follow the plan.  And this challenge is no different.

The first day I was supposed to run one mile.  Can I do more?  Yes.  Do I prefer to do more?  Yes.  Did I do more?  No.  I ran just a little over 1.  Sheila (the Runkeeper lady) is sometimes a bit short with her mileage so I have to make sure I go over a bit just in case she is in one of those moods.  Day 2, I ran two and a little bit miles.  Day 3… 

So, here’s the deal.  This is how my game plan for this challenge has not been going as planned.  Too many plans?  😉  When I originally thought up the idea and began strategizing for it, I figured I’d run early in the morning.  Its cool, I’d get it done before my day got started, if I had a lot of miles to do I’d run some in the morning and then the rest in the evening.  That was the game plan.  

Well, here’s the twist.  I’m now coaching a high school cross country team and they practice at 3:20 in the afternoon.  It is hotter than you know what at 3:20!  And, I’m the “running” coach, the head coach rides his bike.  He has a lot more mileage to cover than I do but still… it is freaking HOT!  So my plan of running in the morning or early evening hasn’t quite come to fruition.  

So, day 3… ran 3 plus miles with the cross country team in 99 degree heat.  The route I had chosen was actually about 4 miles so I gave Sheila her leeway and then walked the rest.  Dripping in sweat and praying, no pleading, for rain!   




Love the “feels like 100”!




And the after…



Dripping AND praying!  🙂


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