a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Okay, so Sheila and I had a few issues this morning. About a half mile into the run she proudly states “time 5 minutes 41 seconds, distance 1.00 miles, average pace 5 minutes 38 seconds”. What? UGH! She’s in a mood! But why? There’s no clouds. Its not too hot. What is up? So… should I stop and allow her to correct herself in the beginning or keep going and hope she fixes herself before the end? Considering I was high stepping up a hill at that moment I decided to let her try to readjust during the run. Yeah, no such luck.

At about what should have been the mile point she announces “time 10 minutes 47 seconds, distance 2.01 miles, average pace 5 minutes 43 seconds” or something to that affect. I wanted to throttle her! Are you kidding? If she thinks every half mile is a mile, and I gotta go 4, then I’m gonna have to listen to her nonsense for 8 miles! Please, please adjust! Please. Eventually the miles get closer to actual miles but the timing is about perfect. Since I know how far the route actually is I just keep running. I’m bummed cuz I hate it when Sheila gets it wrong. Most times I will stop to correct her. And a couple of times she has corrected herself. Today, neither happened. 😦

But WHAT did happen is I ran up the Fury Hill! Whoot whoot! Now, you may not know Fury but its a long steep, not too steep but steep, hill. Nothing like Cinnabar but still a hill. I’ve run it a bunch of times, and I’ve never made it up without walking. Granted I’m usually tackling it after a longer run but I’ve never made it up. Today… Today… Yes, today. I did it! All 4 miles of down hill, up hill, down hill, up hill… I ran. No walking! Whoot whoot! But, full disclosure here… once Sheila said we hit the 5 mile mark and I had calculated in my head that we had actually hit the 4 mile mark, I started walking. Its September 4th… so we only run 4 miles. Not 5, not 6, not 3. 4. So, I turned Sheila off and walked the rest of the way home. 🙂

before 9 04 aafter 9 04


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