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Day 5… had to break it up

Day 5. Should be an easy 5 miler, right? Well, uh, if you run it in the cool morning, yes, an easy 5 miles. But if you wait to run it when its triple digits then its not such an easy 5 miles. And, add cranky, out of shape high schoolers to the mix and your easy peasy 5 miles just became a tortured almost-3 miler.
first run 9 05
Now don’t get me wrong, I love the cross country team. The kids are great (when they aren’t complaining about how hot it is), they are funny (when they aren’t moaning and groaning about some new “injury”), and they are eager (when they don’t know just how far the next run is going to be) but the drive and ambition is just… well… its just not there. It may be the heat, it could be because they’re testing the new coach, it might be the fact that most have never run a day in their life or its possible that they just haven’t experienced that runner’s high yet. Its probably all of those things put together. But… today, today was a tough one.

Yesterday I put them through a mini Team RockStar stair bootcamp… stairs, hopping stairs, two at a time stairs, up and down; some walking lunges with the slosh pipe; jump roping; push ups and some windshield wipers for their abs. First of all, don’t kids jump rope any more? Anyway, they were feeling it today. Some of them were even “toilet sore” for those of you who know what that is. 😉 So, we needed to run to loosen up their legs. We weren’t gonna run far, but come on! Walking after only a mile? They’re killing me! And, not like, “hey we just killed that workout!” No, more like, “if you keep making me come back for you, I may die!” Its triple digits, there’s a hill or two and these kids wanna walk! Which makes me have to come back for them and do some of it twice! What is up with that?

just killed my workout

And then when that painful hour and a half was finally over, I went to the youth cross country practice, San Diego Cheetahs, and these kids… this is like a whole different ball game! These kids WANT to run and they want to run FAST! Yes, some of the newer ones are walking a bit but there isn’t much complaining, no one’s “injured” and as soon as they get a drink of water, they GO! Amazingly different. But because there was a football game going on at their practice I waited till I picked up my youngest son from HIS football practice before I finished my 5 miles.
second run 9 05
The last 2 1/4 miles were painfully slow. My legs were tight and the pace was horrible but I got ‘er done and that’s all that matters.

Before the first run… see how happy I am?
before 9 05 1
After the first run… see how… um, see how happy I am?
after 9 05 1

Before the second run… the sun is going down… weather is cooling off!
before 9 05 2
After the second run… ahh! Its over!
after 9 05 2

And tomorrow is another day!


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