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Double digits… Day 10

Well, its finally here. The double digit days. We knew these were coming. Are we ready?

Mentally, yes. Physically, well that’s another story. I iced various parts of my legs today in an effort to reduce some soreness. I think it helped and when I’m done writing this, I’ll get out another ice pack.

Double digits. Another 3 run day.

This morning, got up early, was out the door before 7. Weather was cool. I actually wore running pants and a 3/4-length sleeve running top. Pace wasn’t fast but respectable (at least in my world). 4 miles.

before 9 10 1
after 9 10 1

Second run. The high school XC team had to do hill sprints today. Needless to say I only ran the warm up and the cool down. I cheered them on their sprints though. They ran strong today. I think today was the first day that ALL of them gave a true effort. No complaining (probably cuz the head coach told them that whoever asked “how many more” would get an extra one), full on effort up each hill, arms pumping, knees high, legs moving. Seriously, they did GREAT!

before 9 10 2
after 9 10 2

And then the last run… My favorite! Secret Stairs with Team RockStar!

Team Rockstar 9 10

This is a four mile run loaded with hills and stairs. Its challenging, its tough, it’ll test you. But running it with this group makes it fun, bearable, and worth it! After every one Brian is given the task to find us a random person willing to take the “end of the run” picture. Today’s photog, Tom, inadvertently snapped a shot of himself. So… photo creds go to Tom.

random photog 2 9 10

And of course my before and after…

before 9 10 3
after 9 10 3

Smiling cuz I just completed Day 10 of the Running 465 in September Challenge. And, I rock!


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