a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

I had a conversation with my sister earlier today and it made me think about a few things. So, I’m gonna start this post with a few requests. Please hear my heart…

Yes, my ankle/calf is in pain. No, I’m not sure what is wrong with it other than it feels like the muscle is being pulled from the bone. You know when you eat a chicken leg and you pull the meat from the bone with your teeth? Yeah, that’s how my leg feels. (Glad I’m not a real chicken, I can only imagine!) Especially during the last miles of the first and second runs and all of the third run. Yes, it would be wise to rest my leg. Take it easy. No, this challenge isn’t going to win me any money, make me famous or even matter in a few months from now. Yes, only a few people even know I’m doing this challenge. Its not like its hit the major news networks. Yes, you think I’m crazy and I’m not listening to my body. Believe me, I’m listening! I hear it every time my foot hits the pavement! Yes, it hurts. Yes, I’m running with a bit of a limp. Yes, again, I know I should take it easy. Yes. You are right. You are oh so right. But… and you know what it means when you say but? Right? Whatever was said before the “but” doesn’t matter.

I am doing this challenge and I will run through this pain until I simply can’t run any more. Why? Cuz that’s just what I do, that’s just who I am. I set a goal, I work towards achieving the goal, and once complete I set another goal. So, instead of telling me all of the things I shouldn’t do, or am doing wrong, or giving me reasons -excuses really- to not push through, to not persevere… instead… encourage me, give me tips to make the chicken leg heal itself, feel stronger, feel better, not consume my run. Better yet, add me to your prayer list. Ask God to bring healing to my legs and the strength to finish this challenge. I know the challenge is “a bit out there” but I run, and I create these challenges, because there’s someone out there who can’t run, who can’t complete the challenges and so desperately wants to. They “hear” or read about my determination and my will to push through, overcome, and conquer whatever I’ve set before me and they are empowered. I run because they want to but can’t. So, rather than find reasons why I shouldn’t, or why you can’t – or won’t – find reasons why WE do.

God gave me a strong, healthy body. He gave me the ability to run. And for some reason, he gave me the desire to share my passion for fitness and running with others. So, I honor Him. Please do me a favor and cheer me on! Not drag me down. I can do that all by myself. πŸ™‚

So… having gotten that off my chest. Here’s day 12. Enjoy.

First run of the day. Early, about 6 am. Looking to do 8 miles.
before 9 12 1

The run, the usual route. Not fast, leg hurting, especially going down hill. Mile 6 I called my husband to let him know I wouldn’t make it home in time before he left for work. He always makes me breakfast (eggs, half a piece of toast, a nibble of bacon and strong black coffee). I didn’t want him to worry about that since I was going to be late.
run 9 12 1

But, he drove down and picked me up. He could tell by my voice that I was struggling. He decided to give me a lift. Breakfast was waiting for me when I walked in the door. πŸ™‚ My husband believes in me. πŸ˜‰

after 9 12 1

Before the second run…
before 9 12 2

The run. Walked towards the end. Leg on fire. Kids did awesome tho!
run 9 12 2

After the run.
after 9 12 2

Last and final run. We tell the XC kids, its all in your attitude. If you expect to have a great run, even if you don’t, it will have been better than if you had expected it to be bad! Smiling! Let’s do this!
before 9 12 3

The run. Limped a majority of it. Cheetahs ran hill repeats again. Could only watch. 😦
run 9 12 3

After the run. Another day down. πŸ™‚ Ready for some ice! And, a drink! πŸ™‚
after 9 12 3

Last week I ran 28.9 miles. This week I’ve run 50.5. Sheila says so.
total miles 9 12

If I’ve offended you in any way, cuz I asked for positive feedback, thoughts and vibes, I guess… well… that sucks for you. When you set a goal and you tell me about it… I believe in you. I know you can do it. I know you will do whatever you can to achieve it. And, I will do anything I can to help you rise to the occasion. Do unto others… πŸ™‚

Icing my chicken leg. Peace out…


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