a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

I’m still a day behind in my posts, but I will catch up… eventually!

Yesterday was the 14th. I needed to get 14 miles in but Friday was a rough day. Physically and emotionally I felt beat up! In the afternoon I went to the high school cross country meet. The kids did great. They’ve made a lot of progress and I think we are ready to get down to some serious training. Next week should be fun. 🙂 Then, my older son had a football game. During the second quarter he was on the kick off team and ran down the field, delivered a mighty hit and then “rung his bell”. He popped up right away but walked over to the sideline. His coach tried to talking to him and immediately sent him to the trainer. From the stands I couldn’t really tell what was going on. It looked like he had spoken with the coach and then wandered over to the trainer, shared something with her and then went and sat down on the bench. So unlike him. The trainer was still talking to him and then he took off his helmet. Bad sign. But, I still couldn’t tell what, if anything, was wrong. Then the team doctor came over and started really talking to him. When he did the “follow my finger” routine, I knew something was up. A few minutes later another coach from the team came over to the stands and I knew they were looking for Mike or I. Mike went down on the field. Spoke with the doctor, the trainer and Cody. After a few minutes he looked up at me and gave me the “we’re leaving” sign. I knew something must have happened. Sure enough, I get down to the gate where my husband was walking him out, and the kid was delirious. Yes, he has a concussion. The next few hours were a bit anxiety ridden but he’s gonna be okay. Just real scary for a while. He’s still not quite 100% but he remembers almost everything and he’s really chatty. Right now you can ask him about anything and he will tell you ALL about it! 🙂 He’s normally very reserved and quiet. So, to have him talk, literally non-stop, well, its quite overwhelming! But, that’s a whole other post. He’s gonna be fine…

Anyway, the Cheetah XC team was going to meet at Lake Murray for a run Saturday morning. I love this run, nice and easy, beautiful scenery, rolling inclines. And, you can make it either a 6 mile run or a 7 mile run depending on where you start. So, my game plan was to get there early, about an hour, and do the run once and then do the run again when every one got there. Don’t you just hate when game plans don’t go according to the plan? UGH!

So, I get there. My ankle is a wreck. Hurts just to walk but I know if I can get it warmed up, I may be able to run a bit. But, after Friday’s run I was willing to walk ALL 14 if I had to. I knew I needed to give the ankle a break.

Its foggy, a bit chilly, basically perfect running weather. I’m even wearing a sweatshirt! A Nebraska one at that. Go HUSKERS! Anyway, I start walking. Its sore, the pain is searing, and when Sheila tells me it took 16+ minutes to go the first mile I knew I was in trouble! I’d be “running” for HOURS to get the 14 in. I didn’t have time for a 4 hour run! Seriously! This was NOT going to work. The second mile clocked at about 15 something. Still not good enough. I picked up the pace, and the third mile was a bit faster. By then, thankfully, my ankle was warmed up and I started jogging a bit. Before the Cheetah team got there I had logged 4 miles. Took me almost an hour, but 4 miles were done.

Once the team was there I headed out and around the lake. This is a 3 mile run out to the bull’s eye and 3 miles back. I was actually able to run most of those 6 miles. I even ran two of them in under 10 minutes a piece. There was still hope! But, and isn’t there always a but?, Sheila’s power was almost gone, so before I could finish the last 4 miles I needed to “charge” her. I was gonna go two more miles out and then turn around and come back. It was taking too long to charge Sheila and it was getting hotter by the minute. The Cheetahs had left. So, I decided to call it a “run” and head for home. I’d finish the last four at home.

Believe it or not, my ankle wasn’t too terribly bad. Don’t get me wrong, it was sore as heck, and I thought I probably wouldn’t even be able to walk. But, prayer is a very powerful thing! During the walk/run I listened to my ankle. I changed up my foot fall to ease the pain and I had a few miles that were seriously pain free. My leg, far from healed, was at least willing to go the distance.

I got home. Had some breakfast. And, headed to the mill. I “charged” Sheila and turned on Netflix. I’m in Season 2 of the West Wing. 🙂 I ran the remaining 4 miles.

Day 14… 2 runs… 14 miles… I got this…

The Lake run…
before 9 14 1
after 9 14 1

And, the mill run…
before 9 14 2
treadmill 9 14 2
after 9 14 2

Thanks for the prayers… they are working and helping. Seriously. Wouldn’t have made it through days 14 OR 15 without them. And that’s another post…


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