a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Yes, I’m a bit behind. I feel like all I do is run, or think about running, or recover from running, or prepare for running. Nonetheless, I will get these blog posts in. Bear with me…

If you read any previous posts you may remember that day 13 was a bit painful.  Day 14 was better, even though I started the first run with a walk cuz I needed to warm up my ankle. And, I ended the miles on the treadmill.  Well, I understand my body well enough to know that I needed to run on the ‘mill.  I can control the pace, the surface and the “weather”. It’s a controlled environment and when I’m hurt its my “go to”. 

Day 15: Sunday morning I didn’t get up early enough to run before church so I planned to run afterwards and then do a second run later that night. I think it was the first day that my plan actually worked out!  

After church, and after a quick “house pick up” because Cody had friends coming over to hang out, I laced up my shoes, found my head phones and headed to the back room to spend time with the “mill”. I chose to listen to two sermons. The first was a Youth Sunday sermon which was thought provoking and eye opening and the second was almost too coincidental because the Pastor, Miles McPherson, actually talked about his concussions. Crazy that it was so appropriate.  

Anyway, the first run went well. My leg hurt but after I changed my foot strike I could make the pain go away.   After that run, my hubby and I did a few errands. I came home and headed back to the mill. 

The second run was just as good if not better than the first. The treadmill can be boring but it can also be a great rehab tool.  This time I watched another episode of The West Wing on Netflix. I don’t listen to music or anything when I run outside but when I’m on the mill I like to watch a little TV. I guess you could say its my “scenery”.

Well, here’s the 15th day in pics…

Before the first mill run.

The mill…


After the first mill run.


The second run…


The mill.


After the run.


At this point, I’m half way done with the challenge. Friday was physically and mentally tough. Saturday I rebounded a little bit and Sunday I got a little fresh air under my wings. I just may accomplish this bad boy! 😉


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