a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Running along the beach…

I didn’t get home from the football game until after 1 am Saturday morning. I knew I would be tired in the morning and I had another long day ahead of me. But, as with every run, I learn something about myself and Saturday proved to be no different.

When the alarm first started going off, I was tired, my legs were tired, my body was tired.

I rolled out of bed, slipped into some running gear, pulled my hair back and headed to the mill…


Seriously, I was barely awake. Bags under my eyes. Legs wishing they were still under the covers.


I ran just enough to get the blood pumping. And, a little bit of a smile.


And then I headed to the beach where the Cheetahs were going to practice. I’m not a real beach-goer. I don’t like to be wet, cold or dirty and most times a day at the beach leaves me wet, cold and sandy. Blech.


We were going to run along the shoreline, out to the pier and back. We would be running in the sand, hopping over seaweed, juking from the incoming waves and maneuvering around surfers, body boarders and fisherman. It was quite the run! I was concerned about my ankles but I ran on the wet sand that was more hard than soft and I found myself listening to the waves crashing, the birds chirping and the laughter of the kids playing in the surf. It was quite the run.


I’m so very blessed to be able to run where I do…






I ran the first four miles of the run along the shore and the last 3 miles along the boardwalk. It was a great Saturday morning run. A beautiful change of scenery and literally a breath of fresh air!

And then I headed back home. Had something to eat and you guessed it, back to the mill. 🙂




We needed to head out to Coronado Island. Cj’s football team was playing the Islanders. I still had a lot of miles to get in but having learned my lesson the day before I knew I just needed to run wherever I was at. So, I ran on Coronado Island. I ran out to the beach, past the Hotel Del, along the golf course and back to the school.





A funny thing happened. As I was coming back from the golf course I passed a couple on their bikes. They had stopped and were off to the side. It looked like the lady may have been fixing something on her bike. I smiled and nodded and kept on going. A little while later I heard them behind me. She had a little bell that she would ring as we passed by walkers. I reached a stoplight and the couple caught up to me. She said, “wow, you are fast! I couldn’t even catch up with you and I’m on a bike!” I smiled. Then the man said, “we should be running instead of taking the easy way out on a bike!” I had to laugh. If they only knew!

My son’s football team won their game and we went home. And, you know where I went…




Awesome scenery. Refreshing runs.

Day 21, another success.


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