a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Day 23… can she make it?

As I said before if there are one or two good days be prepared for a gnarly day ahead. And, although not feet-stopping, day 23 proved to be a challenge.

I started on the treadmill. I think that poor thing might quit on me.




Did a little work and headed back to the treadmill. When my legs are sore I tend to rehab on the mill.




And then it was time to hit the mean streets! Headed to XC practice with the high school.


They are definitely improving. And, well, I’m slowly crashing and burning. 🙂 Walked pretty much the last mile. The head coach gave his bike to one of our runners who is dealing with shin splints. I felt like the coach wasn’t quite up for a run. LOL!



And then to the Cheetah’s practice. This is where it all fell apart!


I just needed to go a few miles, about 4. But my legs just wouldn’t go. Everything from my hips down is sore. My quads, hammies, knees, calves, ankles, top of my right foot, middle toe on my left foot. My legs are thrashed! Seriously hating me!


It gets dark after the Cheetah’s run. See the lights at the track?



I started walking and after a bit I could run the straights. Then I could run a straight and a curve. Longest four miles ever!


No matter how bad it was, the day was done and the 23 miles were ran. Only a week left.


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