a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Wow, can’t believe it’s finally here! Marathon mileage!!! Whoo hoo! Yeah, that’s enough of that. 😉

Since I tortured my mill yesterday I’d thought I’d hit the streets today. Great idea, just pushed too hard on the first run.

I chose another new route that I had just recently discovered. I was going to do at least 6 or 7 miles, well that was the plan anyway. My right knee and right quad have been acting up. Apparently they think they’ve run enough this month and want a break. Unfortunately I can’t run with just one leg so I gotta drag the right one with me. I’m sure I look like something is wrong with me when I’m running. Most would think I have a sore leg, reality is I’m just crazy and I don’t have a stop button. Anyway…


The first run was actually going pretty well until I started hitting multiple stoplights in a row and top that off with a long steep hill. That’s pretty much a leg-stopper there. I got to 8.57 miles and my right leg convinced my left leg that we were done running. And just like that I was limping along through the Von’s parking lot and then up most of the Avocado hill. If you saw me walking, just know that my mind was running, my legs just weren’t cooperating!

I ran with the high school or at least tried too! My legs were heavy but we ran a 5 miler!




I missed the beginning of the Cheetah’s workout so I did the cool down with them.




And I was trying to avoid the mill. It was sort of still light out when I got home so I did my quick 3 mile route.




But I ended up on the mill. He wasn’t too mad. 😉 But by this time my feet were so sore that I changed shoes 3 times and socks twice!




Oh well, day 26… Done.


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