a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

Ever heard a treadmill groan?

My treadmill and I have a love-hate relationship. I love him cuz he’s always there and I hate him cuz he’s sometimes too boring. It goes the other way too. He loves me cuz I need him but he hates me when I abuse him.

After the 1000 mile challenge that I did last year, I know the poor thing needed a break from me. There were many days that he was abused and even one day that he refused to work! But after several months of sitting neglected in the back room I think he welcomed me when September arrived. I knew I would need to rely on him a bunch and hopefully he’d be willing to hang in there.

At first, he was happy to see me. A couple of quick runs. Nothing fancy and nothing brutal. But then the frequency I was showing up became somewhat of a nuisance to him. He’d be like “weren’t you just here?” “How long you gonna run this time?” And some days I’d turn him on 3 or 4 times. I could tell he was rolling his eyes at me.

But day 25? He wasn’t in the mood for my shenanigans. He saw me coming and he folded his arms and glared at me. I said “look, it’s day 25. I’m behind in my work. I’m gonna need you today. Like ALL day!”

I turned him on for the first run… And every so often, I’d stop, go in the other room only to return about an hour later. Start him up and run a little more. I literally did this ALL day long. The last time I turned him on I KNOW he let out a groan! And maybe a few choice words! 🙂

But, we powered through and finished day 25 like RockStars! Love me some mill!













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