a lot of miles, a lot of thoughts…

I thought I had this great game plan for Day 27. Yeah, well, not so much.

I had to take Cody to the concussion specialist to see if he could get cleared to play again. His appointment was first thing in the morning. So I figured I’d start my miles when I got home. That was the first mistake.

I did a simple 4 mile route – simple except all the hills. It was tiring going up and my quad cried going down. 😦



I then made my second mistake. I didn’t get the next 7 miles in BEFORE cross country practice. So I ran an easy run with the high school and then did another short route before I left there.





I still had 19 miles to run!!

Mistake number 3. I thought I’d just go run at the middle school. It’s a little over a mile loop. What’s so hard about 19 laps starting a little after 5 pm? Oh, I don’t know. Could it be 19 LAPS or could it be that it would be dark SOON? Good lord! I’ve lost my mind.

But, I head to the school, lace up and start running. Sure enough, 7 laps in and I can’t see a thing!




Only choice… Yep, the mill.

Ugh. By the final miles the bottoms of my feet were numb. I was tired, sore and just wanted to be done.







If you are eating an elephant, it’s best not to wait til the end of the day to get your fork out. Just saying.


Day 27, one mistake after another, but got it done in spite of myself!


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