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Day 28. I can do this… I can do this… I can…


Since last night was sort of a bust, I decided to try the Hillsdale route again. Around and around the middle school I went. This time I got in just a little over 8 miles. Best part? I had a friend stop by and chat with me. He was even willing to run a bit with me but my legs were done. Still, made me feel good when he came out in support. I run a lot of these miles by myself, but I know people are “watching”. 🙂


An hour or so later… headed to the mill. Felt strong and ran like the wind!




My youngest had a late afternoon football game so while his team was warming up I did lap after lap around the football field.


I don’t know if you’ve ever run around and around and around some place. I happen to do it quite a bit. In my many rounds I’ve noticed a few things. The first time around no one really pays attention to you. The second or third round, someone realizes that they have seen you before. The fifth or sixth round, they start looking for you. Some will even look down at their watch (or on their phone) and start timing you. You hit round 8 or 9 and now they are watching you the whole way. You’ve now made eye contact with many of them and you get an occassional nod or smile. About lap 11 and they are now intrigued. Some will even call out to you, “how far?” “how many have you done?” Any more laps than that and people actually stop talking and simply watch in awe. Not because of how far you ran, but because you simply keep going. When its all over and you finally come to a stop, if you are anywhere near them, they say things like, “wow, I could never do that” or “that was crazy” or “you’re a machine”. Regardless, you’ve touched them somehow and they are now a part of your run. Its touching, inspiring and motivating. If only they too would get up and lace up…



My son’s team won! Yeah Norsemen! But, it was back to the mill for me. Ugh. It seems like all I do is run. We wanted to celebrate the win and take the boys out for pizza but I had to finish the miles. I said, “give me just two hours and I’ll be done.” Yeah, no such luck.






I simply couldn’t get them done. My legs were tired. I was exhausted. And, I was starving! So, I did as much as I could and out for pizza we went! I’d just have to finish when I got home.



After beer and pizza, running is about the furthest thing from my mind! But, I still had a mile and a half to go. I can do this. Slowly. I can do this.


Day 28. Definitely a LONG day. I can do this. I really can.



The REALLY bad GREAT idea I had!

I thought I had this great game plan for Day 27. Yeah, well, not so much.

I had to take Cody to the concussion specialist to see if he could get cleared to play again. His appointment was first thing in the morning. So I figured I’d start my miles when I got home. That was the first mistake.

I did a simple 4 mile route – simple except all the hills. It was tiring going up and my quad cried going down. 😦



I then made my second mistake. I didn’t get the next 7 miles in BEFORE cross country practice. So I ran an easy run with the high school and then did another short route before I left there.





I still had 19 miles to run!!

Mistake number 3. I thought I’d just go run at the middle school. It’s a little over a mile loop. What’s so hard about 19 laps starting a little after 5 pm? Oh, I don’t know. Could it be 19 LAPS or could it be that it would be dark SOON? Good lord! I’ve lost my mind.

But, I head to the school, lace up and start running. Sure enough, 7 laps in and I can’t see a thing!




Only choice… Yep, the mill.

Ugh. By the final miles the bottoms of my feet were numb. I was tired, sore and just wanted to be done.







If you are eating an elephant, it’s best not to wait til the end of the day to get your fork out. Just saying.


Day 27, one mistake after another, but got it done in spite of myself!