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Better have your parka ready…

I think Hell may be freezing over!  🙂

hell froze over<


Yep, I’m taking a break!  Yep, no running.  NO running.  Yep, no walking.  Not even walking.  Yep, no working out.  Not even my upper body!  I know, I know!   What has happened!?  Oh no!  What in the world?  Is it cuz of the government shut down?  There’s an October challenge!  There’s a race on Saturday!  Martha, grab your coat!  HELL is freezing over!!!! 

Relax.  Hell is NOT freezing over.  Pigs aren’t flying.  And, the cows haven’t come home. 

In September I ran every day.  EVERY day.  No big deal.  Many runners do it.  Many runners have done it for weeks, months, years AND decades.  In September I increased my mileage every day, only by a mile, but still it was an increase.  Again, no big deal.  Ultra runners probably think increasing mileage slightly is normal.  Elite runners probably think running 100+ miles a week is simply part of being “elite”.   Please note… I’m not an ultra runner nor am I an elite runner.  I’m simply average.  😉  But!!!  And, here comes the purpose of the dreaded rest…  The last two days of the running challenge I pushed too hard, masked the pain and thrashed my right leg.  Then, cuz this is what Rhonda does, I did not rest.  I started the October stair challenge and just kept right on going.  Sure it hurt!  Sure my quad throbbed in pain, sure my knee groaned with every step, sure my mind was battling the “rest” demons!   Sure!  But, I pressed on.  Oh, yes, I’d take a day off and headed to the weight machines or maybe I’d walk rather than run.  Or maybe I’d do the stair mill rather than “real” stairs.  All because of the race on Saturday.  I’m so looking forward to this race!  I really cannot wait!

I can usually tell if I’m hurt or if I’m injured.  😉  If I’m hurt, I just run, walk, or workout through it.  If I’m injured, I have to go to battle with the little people living inside my head to get the okay to rest.  And not just rest but GENUINELY REST.  Like not even get on my feet!  And, this my friend is a BATTLE.  There’s about one sane person living inside my head.  She’s the voice of reason and she RARELY gets listened to.  Usually the crazy one, the one who is obsessed with not settling, not giving in, not quitting, not looking like a slacker, her!  She usually wins the argument and the rest of us minions simply follow along.  Yes, we belly ache.  Yes, we moan and complain.  Yes, we hobble in the mornings.  Yes, we know exactly how much ice is needed for an ice bath or the ice bag.  Yes, we know how much Ibuprofen we should take.  But when the sane person finally SHOUTS loud enough then us minions turn to her voice and follow her.   We get on board with resting, taking a break, easing up, enjoying others’ successes.  And the body in which we congregate gets a break and we heal.  Sometimes crazy girl snaps us out of la la land (as she calls it) and back into bootcamp before we are fully recovered but sometimes sane girl puts her foot down, crosses her arms, sets her shoulders and commands “SIT DOWN!”

So, that’s where we are at tonight.  Sane girl couldn’t take it any more, got on the bull horn and simply yelled “IF YOU WANT TO RUN THE STAIR RACE ON SATURDAY THEN YOU NEED TO STOP NOW!!!!  IF YOU WANT TO BE A SPECTATOR ON SATURDAY KEEP ON GOING!!!!”  And THAT got crazy girl’s attention.  What?  Spectator?  “Oh HECK NO!”  So, now she’s being all nice to the rest of us… “Here, take it easy.  Play on your phone.  No need to run with Team RockStar, just wait for them at the car.  Try another game of Candy Crush.  No need to keep up with the October challenge, we will catch up next week when we get back.  Here sit on the couch.  No need to go to the gym, we don’t want sore arms or cranky abs.  Here is the remote.  No, rest, my pretties, rest.” 

wicked witch

Which really means we are gonna get our butts kicked when the race is over!  



Day 8. Yeah, not so pretty.

before 9 08

Definitely not pretty but that’s what I look like with no make up, hair yanked back and 8 miles in front of me. Thank goodness this isn’t a blog about beauty or a blog trying to impress anyone, I will have surely failed. Its a blog about determination, motivation, inspiration, and pure craziness. So, the picture fits.

Some runs are simply mind over matter. Or mind over body. Today was one of those runs. I simply had to talk myself through each mile. Not too far into the first mile I was already giving myself a way out. “Just make it to the fourth mile, that’s half way. You can walk or quit then. Just make it through the first four miles.” About half way into the second mile, I was trying to convince myself to even make it through that mile. But, then I kept going, “just a little further, run just a little longer.” Then heading into the fourth mile I was going downhill and I just kept going. I didn’t stop or walk after the fourth, I just kept running. I told myself I had less than 40 minutes left to run. That sounded so much better than 4 miles. I could run for 40 minutes, but for some reason I didn’t think I could run 4 miles.

And then, I hit the first stop light. I was doing so well. But, then, the stop light. Normally at the light, I hit the button and wait for the little white man to let me cross the street. While I’m waiting I do figure eights at the corner, mostly so my legs won’t lock up and I can keep a little momentum going. But, this light was long. And, then a short while later there was another light, and then another and then one more. Ugh!

But, I kept going. I was still running and now I only had to run another 30 minutes or so. I could do this. And, then it when I had a little over 20 minutes left to run something stopped my legs. I’m not sure what happened, but they just stopped running and I started walking. “What? Who said we could walk? Who gave THAT okay?” But, they just wouldn’t go. Less than 20 minutes and I couldn’t get them to go. When Sheila said we hit the 7 mile mark all of a sudden the legs went back into run mode and we ran the rest of the way. Well, not really a run, but faster than a walk, probably more like a jog. 🙂

And when Sheila said “distance 8.0 miles” I sat down under a tree and snapped this pic…

after 9 08

Yep, that’s Death Warmed Over. She’s pretty cute, huh?

When I got home I took off my shoes and look what I found!

first blister 9 08

Can you believe it? My FIRST blister! Wow! And, a blood one at that. Nice. I feel like I’ve finally arrived.

And then later… another first.

ice bath 9 08

No joke, an ice bath. My legs are sore. I read somewhere that an ice bath can really make a difference. So, I tried it. It wasn’t like a full on ice bath, but it was a start and if I can get up and run tomorrow, then I’ll probably take another one with a little more ice. 🙂

So… day 8. 8 miles, all at once. Its gonna be a long month! (And I’m LOVING it!)

run 9 08