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24 days of constant running…

And I don’t mean just running every day but literally running ALL the time! (Or so it seems.)


I started the day with a great run outside. It was early, I was feeling good. I took a route that I had just recently run. A little hilly, yes, but very few stoplights! As I came over the freeway I was thinking “who would have thought that I’d ever run over a freeway? Or up a hill? Or even run period?” I’m still amazed at how much I grow with each decision to try something different and push myself a little farther.

Anyway I took a wrong turn (I know, imagine that!) and as I rounded the corner I look up and there is one gnarly hill! Where did THAT come from?!? I mean, that hill was not part of the gameplan. Ugh! But up it I went. Beautiful views as the sun was rising. Never so happy to see my street, tho!



Second run was a quickie on the treadmill. Although, I don’t really have “quickies” any more. My pace is downright turtlish. Which is another funny thing. But I’ll get back to that later.




Runs 3 and 4, both on the mill. Just trying to get it done. My goal was to have only 4 miles left so I could finish with Team RockStar. Every once in a while the plan works!







So excited to run the Secret Stairs with Team RockStar! These people are one of my rocks. Always uplifting, always glad to see me and always ready to try whatever crazy thing I put out there. I was so glad to see them and so glad to finish the day with them.


As we were heading up Cinnabar (a monstrous hill) we were talking about pace – this is where we get back to the turtle comment. One of the RockStars said that “if you’re running a 10 minute pace, in most circles, that’s fast.” And on good runs lately, that’s my pace. It’s slower than my old average but apparently, or maybe she’s just trying to make me feel good, I’m still fast. Regardless, she lifted my spirits and I long for those 10 minute miles.




Day 24. 24 miles…


Day 17, did I get ahead of myself?

I’m a planner, or a strategizer, or maybe just a dreamer. I’ve been thinking about this challenge for months. Seriously. In the beginning it was just an idea. I tossed it around in my head. I was looking for something. Something I could sink my teeth into. Ironically, at the time this challenge was merely a thought I was barely running. I was coming off an injury from another challenge and pressing through to run some races that I had already signed up for. You know, once you pay, you run. Regardless. But, I knew I needed something. Something big.

And then the idea took on a life of its own. It became real to me. And, I knew it was a bit out there and I didn’t want to leave anyone out. So I figured out ways that other people could do a version of the challenge.

And then I started telling more and more people. Yes, got some flack. Yes, got some eye rolls. Yes, got some “you’re crazy”. But I could visualize myself doing it. I could see me run the roads, run the tracks, run on the mills. I knew I would get up early to run, stay up late to run, adjust my schedule to run. And I waited. I waited for September. Every month I participated in some sort of challenge. All geared to set me up for success. All geared to make my core stronger, my legs sound, and my mind ready. I knew this would be a challenge that would test me. Physically, mentally and by the grace of God, emotionally.

I know there are other runners out there that could do this challenge and not even think twice. I know there are runners who could run circles around me, faster and longer. And I know there are runners out there who wouldn’t even give it a try; not any of the levels. But, none of them are me.

So, day 17. Day 17. I was already thinking about day 18 and day 20. I’m dreading day 20 actually. Not because I don’t think I can run 20 miles, but because I need to get all 20 in before 11 am. But, that’s a whole other post.

I had planned out day 18. 3 runs, 6 miles each. One in the morning, one around lunch and then one with either the high school or the Cheetahs. I got ahead of myself. I didn’t properly plan for day 17.

Day 17… I got another late start but it wasn’t too hot and I figured I’d hit the road. I plotted out a course that was originally about 7 miles long. I knew I was running with Team RockStar later that night and I figured I’d probably have to finish on the mill. I was feeling good the first mile or two. Not my best pace but better than the latest runs. I’m getting slower, which sucks, but rather than beat myself up about it, I simply go at a pace that I think I can go for a long time. On a gimpy leg? That’s slow. Anyway, somewhere during that run I decided to do a bigger loop so that I could maybe hit 10 miles. I hit mile 5 and out of nowhere my legs just shut down. I was coming up a hill and I literally slowed to a walk. If I’m close to the crest (and I’m still running) I try not to walk, I try to pull myself up the final incline but not today. And, gradually the mile times got slower and slower. And, finally I was walking up all the hills.
My legs were sore. My ankles were aching. But the pain wasn’t the same as before. I’ve run through the whole “muscle being pulled from the bone” pain. I have that weird ability to just overcome. It happened when I did my 1000 miles challenge and well, I guess, no I know, prayers work.
Anyway, I was beat after those 10 miles. Seriously beat.
I didn’t run with the XC team. I stayed back with two of the runners and we did some drills and core work. I was saving my legs. I really wanted to run the stairs and hills with Team RockStar.

The second run was all that it was meant to be. Its a challenging 4 mile run loaded with hills and stairs and it didn’t disappoint. Coming down the hills was brutal on my ankles. I had to walk down some of the hills cuz the pounding was just too much. But I really enjoyed that run.
And, then I finished the day with a run on the mill. Watched some Netflix and put day 17 in the books. It was weird. I should have planned it better. I shouldn’t have forced that first 10 miles. About 8 miles is my max right now. Anything over that, and I’m toast. But, I was so ready for day 18 that I let day 17 get the best of me.
I know better. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you run 465 miles in September? One day at a time.


Double digits… Day 10

Well, its finally here. The double digit days. We knew these were coming. Are we ready?

Mentally, yes. Physically, well that’s another story. I iced various parts of my legs today in an effort to reduce some soreness. I think it helped and when I’m done writing this, I’ll get out another ice pack.

Double digits. Another 3 run day.

This morning, got up early, was out the door before 7. Weather was cool. I actually wore running pants and a 3/4-length sleeve running top. Pace wasn’t fast but respectable (at least in my world). 4 miles.

before 9 10 1
after 9 10 1

Second run. The high school XC team had to do hill sprints today. Needless to say I only ran the warm up and the cool down. I cheered them on their sprints though. They ran strong today. I think today was the first day that ALL of them gave a true effort. No complaining (probably cuz the head coach told them that whoever asked “how many more” would get an extra one), full on effort up each hill, arms pumping, knees high, legs moving. Seriously, they did GREAT!

before 9 10 2
after 9 10 2

And then the last run… My favorite! Secret Stairs with Team RockStar!

Team Rockstar 9 10

This is a four mile run loaded with hills and stairs. Its challenging, its tough, it’ll test you. But running it with this group makes it fun, bearable, and worth it! After every one Brian is given the task to find us a random person willing to take the “end of the run” picture. Today’s photog, Tom, inadvertently snapped a shot of himself. So… photo creds go to Tom.

random photog 2 9 10

And of course my before and after…

before 9 10 3
after 9 10 3

Smiling cuz I just completed Day 10 of the Running 465 in September Challenge. And, I rock!


Running 465… day 4

Okay, so Sheila and I had a few issues this morning. About a half mile into the run she proudly states “time 5 minutes 41 seconds, distance 1.00 miles, average pace 5 minutes 38 seconds”. What? UGH! She’s in a mood! But why? There’s no clouds. Its not too hot. What is up? So… should I stop and allow her to correct herself in the beginning or keep going and hope she fixes herself before the end? Considering I was high stepping up a hill at that moment I decided to let her try to readjust during the run. Yeah, no such luck.

At about what should have been the mile point she announces “time 10 minutes 47 seconds, distance 2.01 miles, average pace 5 minutes 43 seconds” or something to that affect. I wanted to throttle her! Are you kidding? If she thinks every half mile is a mile, and I gotta go 4, then I’m gonna have to listen to her nonsense for 8 miles! Please, please adjust! Please. Eventually the miles get closer to actual miles but the timing is about perfect. Since I know how far the route actually is I just keep running. I’m bummed cuz I hate it when Sheila gets it wrong. Most times I will stop to correct her. And a couple of times she has corrected herself. Today, neither happened. 😦

But WHAT did happen is I ran up the Fury Hill! Whoot whoot! Now, you may not know Fury but its a long steep, not too steep but steep, hill. Nothing like Cinnabar but still a hill. I’ve run it a bunch of times, and I’ve never made it up without walking. Granted I’m usually tackling it after a longer run but I’ve never made it up. Today… Today… Yes, today. I did it! All 4 miles of down hill, up hill, down hill, up hill… I ran. No walking! Whoot whoot! But, full disclosure here… once Sheila said we hit the 5 mile mark and I had calculated in my head that we had actually hit the 4 mile mark, I started walking. Its September 4th… so we only run 4 miles. Not 5, not 6, not 3. 4. So, I turned Sheila off and walked the rest of the way home. 🙂

before 9 04 aafter 9 04

Day two! So far, so good…

Check out the “before” video post…


Today I got up early and got ‘er done.  😉  Didn’t want to wait til the heat of the day or to hear my husband ask “when…?” 🙂




and after…



The before and after shots aren’t much different but they were only taken about 20 minutes a part and the weather was cooperating.  It was overcast and cool.  Great run.  Little traffic and I took the most downhill route I could find.  When the longer runs come I won’t be so lucky. 

A few extra thoughts today…

Yesterday I weighed myself before the run, 113.5 lbs, not heavy by any stretch of the imagination but my “happy weight” is about 108 to 109.  I’m hoping these next 400+ miles will shed those 5-6 pounds and I’ll be at prime running weight for the October stair race I’m doing.  Always thinking ahead!

I’m really looking forward to this challenge.  Today Diana Nyad is completing her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida.  If she can do that, I can do this.  All it takes is one crazy goal, one somewhat thought out plan, and one very determined individual.  So, I think I got all 3.

Until tomorrow… Running with the XC team.  HOT and hilly! 


And we’re off!

So, it has begun! I have been so excited about this challenge but when the day finally arrived I put off the first mile! Why? Cuz it was HOT!!!! My husband kept asking me “when you gonna run?” “are you ready to run?” “shouldn’t you do that mile now?”. It was driving me crazy! LOL! But, it was so hot. I just wanted it to cool down a bit.

Before the run…
before 9 01

And, then… I did it. First of many miles this month.

After the run…
after 9 01

One and done…


Getting ready…

Getting ready…

Video post…

No, I’m not driving.  I’m parked in the church parking lot.  😉